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Promotional Video for Chef Annalisa Rinaldi Liquid Videographer Milu Grutta   Watch the Video    

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Human – NIMA

Music Video for Nima, from the album You Make Me Happy.

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Il Ritorno

Directed by Rosario Riginella Director of Photography Milu Grutta Produced by Solaris Produzioni & Franca Gennuso Music Nino Grutta Editing Arlei Papa      

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In a small town of Spain, the laghquisition pursuits everyone who laugh.

green light

The Green Light

“The first moments after waking up are always alike. Each time you have the time to get scared”. Robertas is an ex paratrooper of the Red Army with an alcohol problem and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a sudden awakening in an empty church that starts Robertas’ trip through the inside of that part of his past that never quits blending with the present; he needs to confront himself with his traumas that started out during his military service and that he still is unable to explain.

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Zenses – The Art of Conscious Living

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Corporate Video for LightTribe   Videographer: Milu Grutta   Watch the video

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Lotus Travels

The film documents the 2006 trip of the Master Wey Ling Yi and a his international group of QiGong practitioners, ending in the celebration of the Lotus Fest, on the tropical beach of Tulum, just a few steps away from the archeological site.