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Directed by Milu Grutta Music by Paul Powell Written by Adrian Rodriguez Guash, Paul Powell, Milu Grutta DoP – Jorg Goenner Edited by Rosario Rigginella, Milu Grutta Produced by Evaporate Foundation Watch Trailer

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Promotional Video for Chef Annalisa Rinaldi Liquid Videographer Milu Grutta   Watch the Video    


Hotel Believe

The Hotel D’Angelo is dilapidated and client-less. Mikki Funk, mysterious entrepreneur, buys and transforms the hotel. In an attempt to promote it, she accepts the proposal of a famous TV Producer to make it the location for a new TV Reality show…”Hotel Believe”.

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Mikki Funk

Somewhere in the future. A famous Berlin journalist, Jutta H, interviews Mikki Funk, in exclusive for a satellite TV channel, revealing some new information about the mysterious events of the years 2005/2006.

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Zenses – The Art of Conscious Living

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Corporate Video for LightTribe   Videographer: Milu Grutta   Watch the video

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Lotus Travels

The film documents the 2006 trip of the Master Wey Ling Yi and a his international group of QiGong practitioners, ending in the celebration of the Lotus Fest, on the tropical beach of Tulum, just a few steps away from the archeological site.


The Wedding

A documentary film that deals with the “modern couple”, as a hint to discuss broader themes.