Dirt&Desire, 8min, Berlin 2006

Writer / Director: Diane Busuttil

Camera: Milu Grutta & Arlei Papa

Editor/s: Milu Grutta & Arlei Papa

Composer: Stevhen Iancu – The Dolomites – Shoutscire

Costumes: Nina Barkowski

Make–up, Hair & Gore: Romy Medina

Set Photography: Sebastian Heise

Cover Photography: Henrik Stroenberg

Produced by K37

Dirt and Desire is a hand-crafted story of a wholesome girl who wants more out of life. She takes a risk and invites a hot babe to her country house for an intimate dinner of home made potatoes. Her desire leads her on a dark journey that ends exactly where it all began, in the dirt.


Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qji4JrSnQmM