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Lotus Travels

Lotus Travels

The film documents the 2006 trip of the Master Wey Ling Yi and his international group of QiGong practitioners, ending in the celebration of the Lotus Fest, on the tropical beach of Tulum, just a few steps away from the archeological site.

QiGong is one of the oldest spiritual tradition of this world. It is based on the idea of the existence of a universal energy field, called “qi” or “chi”. It was developed as a series of practices with the goal of controlling the “qi” and store it in the body, so to achieve superb physical condition and general success in life. Wei Ling Yi, a master coming from China, founder and president of the International Qigong University, and one of the biggest authorities in the field, leads his group every year in a trip to different sacred places of the world. In these places the group performs, dances, sings, and practices Qigong in order to uplift the energy of the place and of the whole planet at the same time. In the year 2007, in occasion of the Lotus Fest that falls on the 20th of December, Wei Ling Yi will travel first to New York, where he and the group of about 70 people that are following him will perform Qigong in the W.T.C. construction site and in Central Park. Then the itinerary will touch Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Tulum, where the celebration for the Lotus Fest will take place. Mikki Funk decides to join the group. Following her path of personal investigation, she will have informal “conversations” to understand the essence of QiGong, but also more general spiritual concerns (what is the sense of life, what are the energies that are felt during energetic work, what is science saying about it, how is energetic work affecting my everyday life, how to apply spiritual teachings to everyday life). Mikki’s quest is not of the journalist kind, but is instead a personal research, a process that she undergoes, directly testing all the knowledge on her self, actually practicing energetic work.


Directed by Milu Grutta

Written by Mikki Funk, Milu Grutta

Camera by Milu Grutta

Edited by Arlei Papa

Music by Nino Grutta

Produced by K37


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