The Wedding

The Wedding, 48min, Italy-Germany, 2007

Directed by Arlei Papa, Massimo Mantia, Milu Grutta
Written by Mikki Funk
Edited by Arlei Papa, Milu Grutta
Produced by K37

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Is a documentary film that deals with the “modern couple”, as a hint to discuss broader themes.

Lisa and Salvatore are going to marry.
The marriage takes place in the mayor’s house in Erice, a small, perfectly preserved medieval burgh, on top of a mountain, overlooking the North and South coast of Sicily, and in fair whether conditions, maybe also the coast of Africa. It is a magical place, imbued with history and tradition, where it is still possible to breathe the atmosphere of a time far back in the past.
During the three days of celebration that follows, 7 couples interact in a villa inside a natural reserve on the seashore. The camera will be the neutral witness of different situations, typical or unexpected, that the closeness and the particular mood of the event will generate. The couples will be interviewed, separately and together, on themes such as jealousy, monogamy, happiness, anger, addiction, sex, and spirituality. But the camera will “interrogate” also the rest of the guests, singles, divorced, and the actual parents and relatives of the marrying couple.

The film is a mirror of our reality. It can actually disclose facets normally invisible, perspectives and point of views hidden from our everyday view. It can show us how we look from the outside, how people see us, and, ultimately, how we see ourselves.
Why does “modern couple” not work? Why do people fight? And why do lover fight? Does everybody lie?
In an age dominated by cynicism and absolute faith in science, the only way out lays in Love.
The documentary idea comes from the Bride and the Groom. Sal and Lisa want to understand something about themselves and their relationship, and ask their closest friends to answer personal delicate questions in front of the impartial eye of the camera. But Lisa and Sal will also expose their innermost idea to the camera, expressing their own ideas about marriage and relationship, sexual life and career, and, not to be forgotten, they are, indeed, marrying each other also outside of the filmic plane.